‘The best way of learning about a place and a culture is traveling’ -Hadia-


Before I went to uni I had met different students, mostly at the workplace. As curious as I was, I always wanted to know what they were studying, what they did, how student life was etc. Some of those students told me about the trips that they organized or in which they participated, and that it was really great to travel and get to know other cultures and places.

Because of those stories, I decided that when I go to university I will try best to organize a trip of my own. Little did I know that this would happen in my first year of uni. My study stimulates students to use their creativity, to travel, to open up to other cultures and to learn new languages. For the course living and working in Europe, I had to work on a project that was unique, European, intercultural and language related. At the time, inspired by love, I decided that I wanted to organize a trip to London. But to do that, I had to find people that were willing to help me carry out my plan. So I tried to convince my best friends to help me out. I came up with a plan and I showed it to them, I was so passionate about what I wanted that they accepted to help me. The CA who is supposed to grade us was so enthusiast, that he was convinced that we could win the living and working in Europe competition. He also told us that since our idea was so big and unique we could get 5 study credits for it, so that next school year we don’t need to follow this course.


So I had convinced my friends to work with me, the CA liked our idea, the only thing left to do was work, work, and work. After 5 months of hard work, meetings, and brainstorming. We were ready to go to London. During our trip, we visited different places, ate interesting and tasty food and carried out different exercises.

It really was an amazing experience, I loved the whole process of organizing a trip, but the end result was so much better then I expected. And from this trip I learned a lot about England and its culture, we visited the Kensington palace were I learned about different kings and queens, some good others bad. I got to know a little bit more Princess Diana,  her personality and the way she died. which I found sad.

When you want something in life, you need to do the best you can to achieve it. I organized this trip to London, one because of love, and two because I really wanted to organize a trip to some country. I achieved my goal because I was passionate and willing to work hard. I have no regret at all, and more ever before I am inspired and willing to travel to new places and get to know new cultures.


I am totally living my dreams.

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