In my last blog post I already shared this, but sometimes one can better express the way they feel or think by speaking. Thus a video, in which I share my thoughts about Guinea. I have the firm belief that democracy, correct leadership and unity is the only thing that can help safe, this country and its people. As you will hear in the video I have hope in the future of the country, I indeed have hope that one day, one person with good intentions might be able to help make the changes needed in order for this country to flourish.

Many Guineans across the world are starting to open their eyes and understand that the time for change has come. Though little action has been taken to make that change, I think that awareness is the first step needed for achieving anything.

For too long Guinea and Africa at large have been governed by old men, ancient mindsets and corrupt ideologies, who were only concerned with their own enrichment. Which has done no good to  Guinea or Africa, I think young people should step up take back the power to govern…

Listen to the speech and do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me in the comments 🙂

Why Guinea needs a democratic rule

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