About me

Hey! I’m Hadiatou

I’m an African girl born to loving parents. I am a proud Dutch citizen. I am the youngest of four sisters, and I am blessed to be Fulani. I am also a 21 years old moslima and student who has a keen interest in politics and humanitarian issues. I am speaker of 5 languages and as such like to define myself as a citizen of the world. I am a person who has learned that life is not always what it seems, but that one has the great ability to influence what happens to them. I have, in my 21 years of living in this world learned that perseverance and having a clear goal, the tools are which are needed in order to change one’s life.

I am a super optimistic girl with big dreams who tries to see the good in every single person, and who believes that anyone everywhere can achieve their dreams if they truly want to.

I started this blog as a way to express myself and to share my thoughts on different topics with everyone who is willing to read. Two years ago, I started feeling a strong attachment towards my African roots. As a consequence, I started questioning my identity and ever since I have been trying to find out who I really am. I know that I am all, that I just mentioned above, but I also know that I am more than that. I am not precisely sure what that is but it is something I intend on discovering. Meanwhile, I will be blogging about my passions which are cooking, being in service to others, fashion, language learning, motivating people and of course Africa or at least Guinea, which is a country close to my heart but that needs many improvements.

This blog is going to be diverse just like me, it will in many ways reflect the person I am and, hopefully, shed some light on the one I intend on finding. I hope that in my journey of discovering the real me I might become a better person. And maybe, just maybe help some along the way. Because really, in this world we are all together.

Thank you for reading and remember, nothing happens by chance. We all hold the power to change our lives for the worst or, for the best.

x Hadiatou