Be unapologetically you

Life is so beautiful, however sometimes I feel like we waste our potential by living someone else’s dreams instead of our own. I often say that in this world it does not matter what one does or doesn’t do, because people will always talk. And as long as we keep listening to other people’s voices, we will never attain our true potential nor real happiness. In order for one to achieve true happiness, I believe that is imperative to do what you want. What you believe in, what you truly desire. Do not sacrifice the person you are or want to be, just because you want to be accepted or liked by others. To not live a life of regrets it is important to be unapologetically you. Don’t be afraid of the person you are, embrace it, love it and Express yourself the best you can. Because life is beautiful when you are you.


Salmon with plantain

You know that feeling when you have been craving something for days or as in my case for weeks and then you final decide satisfy yourself by just cooking that one meal? Well if you’re not familiar with that feeling, then I can assure you it’s a great one. However, just to be clear the craving part is not what’s great, but once you get that meal it is so worth it.So I hear you wonder, what meal is this girl been craving for so long? Honestly it is nothing too special. Over the years I have developed a kind of love for salmon. However while living in my family home I never realized how expensive it was and I could have it quit regularly. Unfortunately, when I became a student I had to learn about and accept the harsh reality on the price of salmon. It really is expensive, or at least for me as a student it is. So sometimes I would go to the supermarket or market, look at these beautiful salmons, take it in my hands and then think, is this really what I want? I mean what I get for that price is not that much, so I guess could better go for some chicken (I love chicken) and vegetables. The point I want to make is I won’t choose to buy something different than salmon.But yesterday, after having a long 2 weeks of deadlines, I decided it was time to please my belly. And pleased I was. I came up with this easy yet amazing recipe that I’m going to share with you. If you love salmon I’m sure you will love this.Recipe salmon with plantain:Cooking time: 35 minIngredients marinade:– Black pepper- chilli pepper (powder)- garlic powder- spice mix fish– dried parsley- oregano spice- olive oil/sunflower oil- salt- seasoning mixSo what you basically is, you take a bowl and but all the above mentioned spices in it. Then you ad the oil and mix it together. I would advise you to put everything according to your liking. Also depending on the amount of people you’re cooking for. Be considered of the fact that the spice mix fish is salty on it’s own, so you might not want to use much salt. Also make enough of this marinade as you will need it for the sauce.Ingredients sauce: – leftover marinade- leeks *(as much as you like this is the basis for this sauce)- 1 grated garlic- 1/2 onion- 1/2 tomato- olive/sunflower oil- lemon juiceAfter you have baked the salmon according to you liked. You take it out pan and put the above mentioned beside de lemon juice in pan and bake it for about 3 minutes. You might add some extra black pepper and garlic powder, depending on your liking. After the 3 minutes you can add the lemon juice stir everything and then but the salmon in the sauce 1 minute should be good enough to infuse the sauce into the salmon.Ingredients plantain:– plantainThis is an easy step, tou just need to bake the plantain to your liking. I like mine gold brown.Ingredients side salad:– Avocado- 1/2 tomato- onion *(to your liking)- aroma- black pepper- salt- dried parsley- lemon juiceFor this step you cut and then put the ingredients in a bowl and mix it all together.* bonus sauce ingredients:- mayonnaise- ketchup- sambal- leek leftoverMix all together in a small bowl and serve with your meal.As you can see I really treated my self yesterday. The meal was just delicious . An eat tip is to use some lemon with the salmon it is really good.

Is there still hope in the world?

After the lattest events in New Zealand and Utrecht, I found myself wondering what has happened to us people. And for a moment I thought that hope was lost. We have become people who seeking understanding through media instead of doing proper research. we do not try to connect with each other instead we waste our time and energy harming each other. It is a really sad reality if you think about it. We people have the potential to do so much good in this world, however we choose for that what is bad.

I generalizing, not because I belief that every single one of u is bad, but because a lot of bad is happening nowadays and I belief that we as a society can do so much better. In the video you will hear my thoughts regarding what has happened in those countries.

And if you wonder, yes I still despite all belief that there is hope in this world that there is more good than bad, that we can do better.

rejection as part of life

I have found rejection to be a very imporant topic, and as such have decided to post this video as an updated version of my previous blogpost on rejection; in which I wrote about my personal experience with rejection. click on the on rejection to read the post:


This video consists of the main points of the post on rejection which I found very interesting and worth sharing.