Why Guinea needs a democratic rule

In my last blog post I already shared this, but sometimes one can better express the way they feel or think by speaking. Thus a video, in which I share my thoughts about Guinea. I have the firm belief that democracy, correct leadership and unity is the only thing that can help safe, this country and its people. As you will hear in the video I have hope in the future of the country, I indeed have hope that one day, one person with good intentions might be able to help make the changes needed in order for this country to flourish.

Many Guineans across the world are starting to open their eyes and understand that the time for change has come. Though little action has been taken to make that change, I think that awareness is the first step needed for achieving anything.

For too long Guinea and Africa at large have been governed by old men, ancient mindsets and corrupt ideologies, who were only concerned with their own enrichment. Which has done no good to  Guinea or Africa, I think young people should step up take back the power to govern…

Listen to the speech and do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me in the comments 🙂

101 killings and Alpha condé: Guinea has reached the heart of despair

101 deaths, that is more than enough. I will not be silent in the face injustice, and thus I will speak. The loss of a loved one is probably the worst kind of pain that exists. It hurts when one dies naturally, let alone when young people with promising futures, are robbed from their lives. I strongly believe, that undignified is the one who reaches to violence in order to enforce his ideas. Worthless, are they and worthless is he. No one, absolutely no one in this world, has the right to rob a fellow human being from their lives.

Following this week’s news on what is happening in Guinea, a country that I for many reasons hold dear awakened something in me. Since 2011, 101 innocent civilians were murdered, mostly at the hands of those who were supposed to protect them. These killings happened during periods of what should have been peaceful demonstrations. Unfortunately, it appears that the concept of peaceful demonstration is not yet clear in Guinea. Many of the people who were murdered belonged to a certain ethnicity, and besides that many of them were killed while following their normal, day to day duties. They were not present during any demonstration, yet they got killed by a bullet. The government is not doing anything to punish those criminals, but then again, how can they? If they are actually the ones behind the killings. If money and power is all they care about and would do anything to keep it, even killing their own people.

The situation in Guinea right now is really bad, and that is unfortunate. It bothers me that innocent people are being killed and that there is no such thing as law and order. The fact that the rule of law is not being respected (if it even exists), is going to be the country’s downfall. And again, innocent civilians will suffer the consequences.  Of course, that is a prediction from my part, but I am sure that if no change is made there will be no future for the country.

One week after Guinea celebrated its 60th anniversary of independence, I wrote a speech for one of my courses. I never meant to share it here on the blog, but with what has happened in the country recently, I think it can do no harm to share some of my thoughts. The speech is about the implementation of a more democratic rule in Guinea. by reading it, you find that I am against the current leader and that I support the idea of a more united and democratic Guinea.

Please read it, there is a lesson in it for everyone, Guinean or not. And please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me. I always love to read about other’s views.

Implementation of a democratic rule Guinee

I am thankful for joining you today. The day that will go down in history, as the commencement of the liberation of our country.

This week exactly 60 years ago, a great nation of fearless people fought for the liberation of our nation. 60 years ago, they envisioned for us their legacy, a powerful and united nation.

But 60 years later, our nation, our country, and our Guinee, is still not united. 60 years later our nation is more dived than ever before. 60 years later, our nation despite being rich in natural resources, is among the poorest countries in the world.  After 60 years of liberation from colonial powers, our nation has failed those who risked their lives and fought for our independence. So, I am here today to remind you of our country’s shameful condition.

It is shameful to acknowledge, but since its independence, Guinee has had only 4 presidents. And more shameful to acknowledge, is the fact that only 1 of those presidents was elected democratically.

Upon his election in 2010, before being elected as the president of the Republic of Guinee, our dear president promised his citizens that he would strengthen Guinee as a democracy, and end corruption.  However, instead of honoring the promise he made to his people, our nation, our country, he showed his true colors once in office. The first action our ‘oh so beloved president’ took once in office, was to extend the presidential term.

8 years later, and our country has not made any improvements. 8 years later, and the country’s infrastructure has worsened, in fact, bridges that were constructed during colonial ruling, are falling apart, causing deaths to our citizens and hampering locals to travel.  After 8 years of ruling our country’s economy has not improved, our educational system is not functioning. Dear people after years of president Alpha Condé, all we have, is what he promised us he would eradicate, corruption.

Dear compatriots, are you as Guineans not ashamed of our country’s condition?  Ashamed of what we have become, and what we might be, if we as a people don’t decide to step up against the political injustices of this country, and fight for a better future, a brighter future a future of hope and unity? Because if we do not make a radical change in our political system, there will be no future for our children, our grandchildren and those to come after them.  And we, we alone will be the ones responsible for condemning the future of our own people.   

But my dear compatriots, I have hope in the future of our country. I have hope that you could become the heroes of our nation. The ones willing to fight for justice and equality. Be the fathers and the founders of a democratic Guinee. Be the change that shakes the foundations of our beautiful country, the change that will lead to the constitution and the liberation of our nation and our Guinee. We as a people and a country need the implementation of a democratic rule.

For our nation to thrive we need to hold our political leaders accountable for their actions. For our nation to be liberated, we need to limit the power of our president to no more than two elected terms. For our nation to function correctly, we need to limit the serving terms of our congressmen. For our country to be the legacy we leave behind for our children, we must have just congressmen, we must have just leaders, elected by the people, for the people to serve this great nation we call home. Dear compatriots, you are our country’s future, the destiny of our nation is in your hands. 

No future for Guinee


Nelson Mandela once said: ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor education

And I totally agree with him. I believe that I, like many other people living in the west have the privilege of having a proper education. So much so, that sometimes we tend to take what we have for granted, not realizing that there are many people out there in the world seeking what we have.

first off, one of the reasons I am saying this is because I myself partially grew up in the third world country named Guinee. If you are not a Guinean, African or French and you have never heard of Ebola, you are more likely not to know this country. It is said that Guinee is one of the poorest countries in the world, and politically it isn’t stable at all.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor guinee

For more than a month now, unsatisfied teachers have been protesting against a corrupt regime. They wanted higher wages and refused to teach unless the government did something for them. which of course, did not happen.

As a consequence, students were forced to stay at home and had no education at all. This is not the first time something like this is happening in Guinee and it probably won’t be the last time either. But what’s really bothering me, is the fact that students were not able to go to school for over a month. People that went on the streets to protest risked being killed

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor guinee

and so I wonder, how can Guinee’s next-generation change their country, if they don’t even have access to a proper education? If every year students are more at home than they are at school? Then what is the future of a country that’s already so poor?

I think that it takes a lot answer those questions. Not because the questions are difficult, but rather because in order for me or someone else to answer those questions in a way that will benefit Guinee, its government should be replaced by one that is not only well educated but, also one that thinks of what is best for its country and its people. The way I see things, this is not going to happen very soon. And so I could say for now, that Guinee is missing out on its most powerful weapon to change its own future. And for what?

The future belongs to the next generations> so as an optimist, I still have a kind of hope for Guinee and its future generation.


– Hadia-