Is there still hope in the world?

After the lattest events in New Zealand and Utrecht, I found myself wondering what has happened to us people. And for a moment I thought that hope was lost. We have become people who seeking understanding through media instead of doing proper research. we do not try to connect with each other instead we waste our time and energy harming each other. It is a really sad reality if you think about it. We people have the potential to do so much good in this world, however we choose for that what is bad.

I generalizing, not because I belief that every single one of u is bad, but because a lot of bad is happening nowadays and I belief that we as a society can do so much better. In the video you will hear my thoughts regarding what has happened in those countries.

And if you wonder, yes I still despite all belief that there is hope in this world that there is more good than bad, that we can do better.